Cosmic γ rays and the mass of gas in the Galaxy

  title={Cosmic $\gamma$ rays and the mass of gas in the Galaxy},
  author={C. L. Bhat and M. R. Issa and B. Houston and C. J. Mayer and A. Wolfendale},
We make the case that the cosmic-ray particles that produce cosmic γ-rays in the 100-MeV region can penetrate most of the dense clouds of gas that seem to contain much of the mass of gas in the Galaxy. We determine a probable form for cosmic-ray intensity as a function of Galactic position and use the measured γ-ray intensities to derive the surface density of gas as a function of position. Our estimate of ˜6 × 108 M\cirċ for the total mass of molecular hydrogen compared with 1 × 109 M… Expand