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Cosmetic operations and Khovanov multicurves

  title={Cosmetic operations and Khovanov multicurves},
  author={Artem Kotelskiy and Tye Lidman and Allison H. Moore and Liam Watson and Claudius Zibrowius},
We prove an equivariant version of the Cosmetic Surgery Conjecture for strongly invertible knots. Our proof combines a recent result of Hanselman with the Khovanov multicurve invariants K̃h and B̃N. We apply the same techniques to reprove a result of Wang about the Cosmetic Crossing Conjecture and split links. Along the way, we show that K̃h and B̃N detect if a Conway tangle is split. 


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  • R. Tao
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications
  • 2019
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