Cosmetic facial surgery

  title={Cosmetic facial surgery},
  author={Thomas D. Rees and D Wood-smith},
Anwendung der endoskopie in der plastischen chirurgie
The most important operations in the field of plastic surgery that can so far be carried out endoscopically are presented. Expand
Criteria for the forehead lift
More accurate guidelines from measurements taken on 50 volunteers, as well as patients seeking a facelift, found these criteria for the forehead lift to be simple, reliable, and clinically useful. Expand
The Opinion of Different Observer Groups About the Esthetic Impact and Need for Surgical Correction of Varying Submental Lengths.
Overall, a submental length less than 40 mm generally was judged less attractive than a comparable increase in length, and at 30 mm or less, it was generally deemed progressively less attractive. Expand
Complications of Facial Resurfacing
This chapter will review the various complications and ways to prevent them and proper management of these complications will be discussed. Expand
Biologic Behavior of Hydroxyapatite Used in Facial Augmentation
This study confirmed a two-stage biologic change following onlay placement of hydroxyapatite granules on the facial skeleton, i.e., initial collagen formation with subsequent conversion to bone which integrates the implant with the host bone which stabilizes the implant position and shape initially and in long term. Expand
Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Composite Is a Reliable Material for Malar Augmentation.
Hydroxyapatite and collagen composite used during malarplasty produced a successful outcome, but its main drawback is a learning curve that is longer than for more frequently used implantable biomaterials. Expand
Combining Anthropometric Data and Consumer Review Content to Inform Design for Human Variability
In this paper, we strive to combine concepts from the field of ergonomics with techniques from design analytics in order to inform the specifications of a product, such that a designer can createExpand
Vertical neck lifting.
The authors' vertical neck lifting procedure is an extended deep plane facelift, which elevates the skin and SMAS-platysma complex as a composite unit. The goal is to redrape cervicomental laxityExpand
Subdermal tunneling and minimal skin undermining
The EUR is a reliable option for facial rejuvenation due to the fact that it is less invasive, with a low morbidity and rate of complications, and its surgical time is reduced by 50 %, it has a shorter down-time, and yields natural results. Expand