Cosmesis with bilateral mammoreduction for conservative breast cancer treatment.

  title={Cosmesis with bilateral mammoreduction for conservative breast cancer treatment.},
  author={Thomas Edward Goffman and Heather Schneider and Karen Hay and David E. Elkins and Robert A Schnarrs and Claire Carman},
  journal={The breast journal},
  volume={11 3},
Over 7 years, 57 women with breast cancer underwent lumpectomy and bilateral mammoreduction. Physical complaints about large or lax breast shape were the predominate rationale. Two patients were immediately lost to follow-up, 55 patients remained and were followed every 3 months for an average of 1.6 years. This is the largest series traceable by computer and literature search. Chart review and patient examination in this retrospective review were utilized as the basis for data within the… CONTINUE READING

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