Corynebacterium argentoratense sp. nov., from the human throat.

  title={Corynebacterium argentoratense sp. nov., from the human throat.},
  author={Philippe Riegel and Raymond Ruimy and Dominique A de Briel and Gilles Pr{\'e}vost and François Jehl and François Bimet and Richard Christen and Henri Monteil},
  journal={International journal of systematic bacteriology},
  volume={45 3},
A new Corynebacterium species, Corynebacterium argentoratense was isolated from the throats of four human patients. It is characterized by the presence of chemotype IV, a cell wall, corynomycolic acids, and a G+C content ranging from 60 to 61 mol%. Strains belonging to this species exhibit high levels of DNA relatedness as determined by DNA-DNA… CONTINUE READING