CoryneRegNet 6.0—Updated database content, new analysis methods and novel features focusing on community demands


Post-genomic analysis techniques such as next-generation sequencing have produced vast amounts of data about micro organisms including genetic sequences, their functional annotations and gene regulatory interactions. The latter are genetic mechanisms that control a cell's characteristics, for instance, pathogenicity as well as survival and reproduction strategies. CoryneRegNet is the reference database and analysis platform for corynebacterial gene regulatory networks. In this article we introduce the updated version 6.0 of CoryneRegNet and describe the updated database content which includes, 6352 corynebacterial regulatory interactions compared with 4928 interactions in release 5.0 and 3235 regulations in release 4.0, respectively. We also demonstrate how we support the community by integrating analysis and visualization features for transiently imported custom data, such as gene regulatory interactions. Furthermore, with release 6.0, we provide easy-to-use functions that allow the user to submit data for persistent storage with the CoryneRegNet database. Thus, it offers important options to its users in terms of community demands. CoryneRegNet is publicly available at

DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkr883

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