Cortisol secretion in relation to age in major depression.

  title={Cortisol secretion in relation to age in major depression.},
  author={Gregory M. Asnis and Edward J. Sachar and Uriel M Halbreich and R. Swami Nathan and Hana Novacenko and Lynn Ostrow},
  journal={Psychosomatic medicine},
  volume={43 3},
Twenty-five unmedicated hospitalized patients, ages 26-64, with severe major depressive disorders, endogenous subtype, were evaluated both clinically and endocrinologically. Although measures reflecting cortisol secretion did not correlate with symptom dimensions and diagnostic subtypes, we did find a significant relationship between cortisol secretion and age during endogenous depressive illness; this included the mean 24 hour plasma cortisol, assessed by sampling every 30 minutes for 24 hours… CONTINUE READING

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