Cortisol rapidly disrupts prepulse inhibition in healthy men.

  title={Cortisol rapidly disrupts prepulse inhibition in healthy men.},
  author={Steffen Richter and Andr{\'e} Schulz and Carina M Zech and Melly S. Oitzl and Nikolaos P Daskalakis and Terry Blumenthal and Hartmut Sch{\"a}chinger},
  volume={36 1},
Stress is known to affect sensorimotor gating (measured with prepulse inhibition of startle, or PPI), possibly improving perception of threat signals at the expense of other input during states of arousal. Stress also induces a variety of autonomic nervous system and endocrine responses, such as an activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. The… CONTINUE READING