Cortisol, hedonics, and maternal responsiveness in human mothers.

  title={Cortisol, hedonics, and maternal responsiveness in human mothers.},
  author={Alison S. Fleming and Meir Steiner and Carl Corter},
  journal={Hormones and behavior},
  volume={32 2},
New mothers are more attracted to the body odor of newborn infants than are nonmothers. In this study we investigated the relation of postpartum hormones and of prior experience with infants to this enhanced maternal attraction to infant odors. New mothers were asked to complete a hedonics task, using a pleasantness scale to provide an attraction score to different odorants presented on a cotton substrate in a 1-pt Baskin-Robbins container. Mothers were "blind" to the contents of the container… CONTINUE READING
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