Cortical tubular and glomerular dopamine receptors in the rat kidney.

  title={Cortical tubular and glomerular dopamine receptors in the rat kidney.},
  author={Robin A. Felder and Melvln Blecher and Gilbert M. Eisner and Pedro A. Jos{\'e}},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={246 5 Pt 2},
Dopamine receptors in glomeruli and renal cortical tubules were characterized using radioligand binding and adenylate cyclase studies. The binding of [3H]haloperidol to glomeruli and tubules was rapid, saturable with time and ligand concentration, reversible, of high affinity, and demonstrated stereoselectivity and antagonist and agonist rank potency for binding to dopamine receptors. Analysis of kinetic data and Rosenthal plots in glomeruli revealed a single class of [3H]haloperidol binding… CONTINUE READING

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