Cortical tremor: a variant of cortical reflex myoclonus.

  title={Cortical tremor: a variant of cortical reflex myoclonus.},
  author={Akio Ikeda and Ryusuke Kakigi and Noriko Funai and R Neshige and Yasuhiro Kuroda and Hiroshi Shibasaki},
  volume={40 10},
Two patients with action tremor that was thought to originate in the cerebral cortex showed fine shivering-like finger twitching provoked mainly by action and posture. Surface EMG showed relatively rhythmic discharge at a rate of about 9 Hz, which resembled essential tremor. However, electrophysiologic studies revealed giant somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) with enhanced long-loop reflex and premovement cortical spike by the jerk-locked averaging method. Treatment with beta-blocker showed… CONTINUE READING
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