Cortical representation of ipsilateral arm movements in monkey and man.

  title={Cortical representation of ipsilateral arm movements in monkey and man.},
  author={Karunesh Ganguly and Lavi Secundo and Gireeja Ranade and Amy L. Orsborn and Edward F. Chang and Dragan F. Dimitrov and Jonathan D. Wallis and Nicholas M. Barbaro and Robert T. Knight and Jose M. Carmena},
  journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience},
  volume={29 41},
A fundamental organizational principle of the primate motor system is cortical control of contralateral limb movements. Motor areas also appear to play a role in the control of ipsilateral limb movements. Several studies in monkeys have shown that individual neurons in primary motor cortex (M1) may represent, on average, the direction of movements of the ipsilateral arm. Given the increasing body of evidence demonstrating that neural ensembles can reliably represent information with a high… CONTINUE READING
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