Cortical regions involved in visual texture perception: a fMRI study.

  title={Cortical regions involved in visual texture perception: a fMRI study.},
  author={Lori Beason-Held and Keith P. Purpura and Jack S Krasuski and J. M. Maisog and Eileen M. Daly and D. J. Mangot and Richard E Desmond and Lance M. Optican and Mark B. Schapiro and John W. VanMeter},
  journal={Brain research. Cognitive brain research},
  volume={7 2},
To determine visual areas of the human brain involved in elementary form processing, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to measure regional responses to two types of achromatic textures. Healthy young adults were presented with 'random' textures which lacked spatial organization of the black and white pixels that make up the image, and 'correlated' textures in which the pixels were ordered to produce extended contours and rectangular blocks at multiple spatial scales… CONTINUE READING

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