Cortical output modulation after rapid repetitive movements

  title={Cortical output modulation after rapid repetitive movements},
  author={Claudio Bonato and G. Zanette and A. Polo and Gerardo Bongiovanni and Paolo Manganotti and Michele Tinazzi and F. Teatini and Antonio Fiaschi},
  journal={The Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences},
Transcranial magnetic stimulation was used to evaluate changes in motor cortex excitability after rapid repetitive movements in five healthy subjects aged 23–30 years, by considering the amplitude of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) at rest and after one minute of maximal frequency repetitive abduction-adduction movements of the thumb. In addition, M and F waves were evaluated by stimulating the median nerve at the wrist. All of the examined subjects showed a clear modification in post-exercise… CONTINUE READING