Cortical layer VII and persistent subplate cells in mammalian brains.

  title={Cortical layer VII and persistent subplate cells in mammalian brains.},
  author={Roger Reep},
  journal={Brain, behavior and evolution},
  volume={56 4},
  • Roger Reep
  • Published 2000 in Brain, behavior and evolution
Layer VII is the deepest cortical layer in rats, and consists of a thin layer of persistent subplate cells overlain by a cell-sparse, myelin-rich stratum through which many corticocortical axons travel. Layer VII neurons participate in local and long-distance corticocortical connections. The present study was undertaken to determine whether layer VII is a typical feature in rodent brains, and to determine which other mammalian taxa exhibit a layer VII. The adult brains of 144 species from 22… CONTINUE READING

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