Cortical, hippocampal, and striatal mediation of schedule-induced behaviors.

  title={Cortical, hippocampal, and striatal mediation of schedule-induced behaviors.},
  author={Guy Mittleman and Ian Q. Whishaw and Graham H. Jones and Michael Koch and Trevor W. Robbins},
  journal={Behavioral neuroscience},
  volume={104 3},
The sequential occurrence of licking, locomotor activity, entries into the food magazine (panel pressing), and nonreenforced lever pressing engendered by a periodic schedule of food presentation were measured in each 60-s interreenforcement interval in normal and brain-damaged rats. The development of these responses was measured over 20 days in different groups of food-deprived rats that had received aspirations of the hippocampus, small lesions of the cortex overlying the hippocampus… CONTINUE READING

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