Corrosion of Fe-15Ce alloy in three mixed-gas atmospheres

  title={Corrosion of Fe-15Ce alloy in three mixed-gas atmospheres},
  author={G. Y. Fu and Yuchao Niu and W. T. Wu},
The corrosion behavior of Fe-15Ce alloy was studied at 700 degreesC in H-2-CO2, H-2-H2S and H-2-H2S-CO2 mixtures. Internal oxidation occurs on the Fe-15Ce alloy corroded in H-2-CO2 mixtures. The complex scales are formed during the corrosion of the alloy in H-2-H2S and H-2-H2S-CO2 mixtures. No exclusive Ce scales can be founded in any case. This is because of the limited solubility of Ce in the base metal and the presence of intermetallic compounds in the alloy. The corrosion rate of the alloy… CONTINUE READING