Corrosion behaviour of high copper dental amalgams.

  title={Corrosion behaviour of high copper dental amalgams.},
  author={Adrian U Jin Yap and B. L. Ng and Daniel John Blackwood},
  journal={Journal of oral rehabilitation},
  volume={31 6},
This study evaluated the corrosion behaviour of two high copper dental amalgam alloys [Dispersalloy (Dentsply-Caulk) and Tytin (Kerr)] in different electrolytes. Amalgam specimens were prepared, coupled to a copper wire, cemented into glass tubes and polished to a 600-grit finish. A corrosion cell was prepared using a carbon counter-electrode, a standard calomel electrode as the reference and amalgam as the working electrode. The alloys were tested in the following mediums at 37 degrees C: (i… CONTINUE READING