Corrosion behaviour of dental metals and alloys in different media.

  title={Corrosion behaviour of dental metals and alloys in different media.},
  author={S P Kedici and A A Aks{\"u}t and Mehmet Ali Kilicarslan and G{\"u}lay Bayramoğlu and K G{\"o}kdemir},
  journal={Journal of oral rehabilitation},
  volume={25 10},
The corrosion tendencies of metals are related with their position in the electromotive series. These electrode potential degrees may change due to the compositions of the alloys, the surrounding media, or due to alterations in the composition because of recurrent casting. Therefore in this research, the electrode potentials and their changes over a period of time were measured in different pH media simulating the oral electrochemical conditions in vitro. The surface structure of the first and… CONTINUE READING
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