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  • Published 1 November 2007
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In the previous issue of Zoologica Scripta [36(5): 465–487], we described a new monotypic family of Anomopoda (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) from SW Australia and named it as the Nototrichidae. However, the name of the type genus Notothrix Van Damme, Shiel & Dumont, 2007 turns out to be a junior homonym of the turbellarian genus Notothrix Hickman, 1955. Although the taxon described by Hickman (1955) was later synonymized with Umagilla Wahl, 1909 (Cannon 1987), this name remains available and… 



Two new rhabdocoel turbellarians, Umagilla pacifica sp.n. and U. karlingi sp.n. (Umagillidae), endosymbiotic with holothurians (Echinodermata) from the Great Barrier Reef; and a discussion of sclerotic structures in the female system of the Umagillidae

The nature of the hard or sclerotic structures associated with the female system, especially the bursa, of umagillids is discussed and compared to similar structures in other turbellarians.

Notothrix halsei gen. n., sp. n., representative of a new family of freshwater cladocerans (Branchiopoda, Anomopoda) from SW Australia, with a discussion of ancestral traits and a preliminary molecular phylogeny of the order

Analysis of the complete 18S (SSU) rRNA gene sequence including taxa from all but four anomopod families and using Ctenopoda as an outgroup, confirms the separation of the new taxon, the Nototrichidae fam.

Two new rhabdocoel turbellarians parasitic in Tasmania holothurians

  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania , 89 , 81–97.
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