Corrigendum to “Unique hues: an old problem for a new generation” [Vision Research 41 (2001) 1645–1657]

  title={Corrigendum to “Unique hues: an old problem for a new generation” [Vision Research 41 (2001) 1645–1657]},
  author={Arne Valberg},
  journal={Vision Research},
  • A. Valberg
  • Published 1 September 2001
  • Art, Psychology
  • Vision Research
In the above article the reference to Hering, E. (1878/1964) should be (1920/1964). Leo M. Hurvich has kindly pointed out to the author that ‘Outlines of a Theory of the Light Sense’ (Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1964, translated by Leo M. Hurvich and Dorothea Jameson), is based on Ewald Hering’s ‘Grundzuge der Lehre vom Lichtsinn’ (Berlin, Springer, 1920), and not, as has often been assumed, on ‘Zur Lehre vom Lichtsinne’ (Vienna, Gerolds Sohn, 1878). 


Outlines of a Theory of the Light Sense.
One cannot, of course, expect that this translation of Hering's work will ever accomplish what Southall's translation of the "Handbook of Physiological Optics" did for the spreading of the Helmholtzian gospel within the English reading community of scientists. Expand
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