Corrigendum to "Partitions and Diamond"

  title={Corrigendum to "Partitions and Diamond"},
  author={Pierre Matet},
  • P. Matet
  • Published 1 November 1987
  • Philosophy, Mathematics
We recall that given an uncountable cardinal ,, 0, asserts the existence of a family s wl. In that case, a slight modification of the original argument yields that (i)-(iii) in the proposition are indeed equivalent, and that they are equivalent to this stronger form of (iv): There exists a family Z, E (K)2 I a < t,, such that the diagonal intersection AL{Z<(h (a)): a < r,} is stationary for every h E 2'. The incorrect proof relied on the claim, p. 39 of [1], that assuming r, is regular, O… 
A dichotomy theorem for the generalized Baire space and elementary embeddability at uncountable cardinals
We consider the following dichotomy for $\Sigma^0_2$ finitary relations $R$ on analytic subsets of the generalized Baire space for $\kappa$: either all $R$-independent sets are of size at most


Partitions and diamond
We restate the diamond principle in terms of partitions, and we show that a weakening of diamond follows from the generalized continuum hypothesis. For the duration of this paper k will denote a
The Axiom of Constructibility: A Guide for the Mathematician
Four famous problems.- What is set theory?.- The axiom of constructibility.- Applications of V=L in mathematics.- A problem in measure theory.
149-157. Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Mathematik II, Arnimallee 3, 1000 Berlin 33, West Germany License or copyright restrictions
  • Fund. Math
  • 1984