Corrigendum: Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison

  title={Corrigendum: Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison},
  author={Sebastian J{\"u}nemann and Fritz J Sedlazeck and Karola Prior and Andreas Albersmeier and Uwe John and J{\"o}rn Kalinowski and Alexander Mellmann and Alexander Goesmann and Arndt von Haeseler and Jens Stoye and Dag Harmsen},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
In the version of this article initially published, on page 795, reference was made to a paper that argues that 90-day feeding studies should only be done when deemed necessary, with the implication that EFSA had authored the paper. While EFSA does take that position, the paper was authored by scientists at the RIKILT Wageningen UR (H.A. Kuiper and E.J. Kok) and The James Hutton Institute (H.V. Davies). In addition, the EU project described by Esther Kok on page 796 was incorrectly identified… CONTINUE READING

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