Corrigendum: Exon-intron circular RNAs regulate transcription in the nucleus

  title={Corrigendum: Exon-intron circular RNAs regulate transcription in the nucleus},
  author={Zhaoyong Li and Chuan Wen Huang and Chun De Bao and Liang Jeff Chen and Mei Yi Lin and Xiaolin Wang and Guolin Zhong and Bin Yu and Wanchen Hu and Limin Dai and Pengfei Zhu and Zhaoxia Chang and Qingfa Wu and Yi Zhao and Ya Jia and Ping Xu and Huijie Liu and Ge Shan},
  journal={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
One of the central roles of ncRNAs is to regulate gene expression1–7. Multiple long ncRNAs such as XIST and HOTAIR control gene expression through the epigenetic modification of chromatin status8,9, and ncRNAs such as U1 RNA and 7SK RNA modulate transcription via their association with the RNA polymerase II (Pol II) transcription complex10–13. Multiple ncRNAs such as roX1, roX2 and HOTAIR regulate gene transcription in trans, and each affects the expression of genes located away from the locus… CONTINUE READING
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