Corridor disease in South Africa: a review of the current status.

  title={Corridor disease in South Africa: a review of the current status.},
  author={F. T. Potgieter and W H Stoltsz and Edmour F. Blouin and J. Michael Roos},
  journal={Journal of the South African Veterinary Association},
  volume={59 3},
The African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) is a reservoir host of Theileria parva lawrencei the causative organism of Corridor or buffalo disease of cattle. This organism can apparently transform its behaviour when tick-passaged through cattle to resemble that of Theileria parva parva, causing classic East Coast fever (ECF). These are major considerations for the strict quarantine measures imposed on buffaloes from Corridor disease endemic areas in South Africa. Results of continuing studies on… CONTINUE READING

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