Correspondence (letter to the editor): Incidence has fallen.

  title={Correspondence (letter to the editor): Incidence has fallen.},
  author={Ernst A. Chantelau},
  journal={Deutsches Arzteblatt international},
  volume={108 42},
The authors regard the incidence of foot amputations (OPS code 5–865) as an efficiency criterion for T2DM (1). However, OPS code 5–865 entails amputations of parts of the foot, e.g. of single toes (minor amputations), which do not always lead to serious impairment or necessitate a prosthesis. By contrast, the crucial criterion is saving the leg and, thus, OPS code 5–864 (leg amputations). Whenever leg-saving measures are applied successfully in cases of gangrene of a foot, only minor… CONTINUE READING

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