Correpondence between the one-loop three-point vertex and the Y- and $\Delta$- electric resistor networks

  title={Correpondence between the one-loop three-point vertex and the Y- and \$\Delta\$- electric resistor networks},
  author={Alfredo Takashi Suzuki},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Physics},
  • A. Suzuki
  • Published 6 December 2011
  • Mathematics
  • Canadian Journal of Physics
Different mathematical methods have been applied to obtain the analytic result for the massless triangle Feynman diagram yielding a sum of four linearly independent (LI) hypergeometric functions of... 
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A theorem on the Y-Δ reducibility of planar circuits is proved to prove that the set of first-type Landau singularities of an n-particle scattering amplitude in any massless planar theory is a subset of those of a certain n- particle ⌊(n-2)^{2}/4⌋-loop "ziggurat" graph.

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FOR some time there has been a crying need for a standard text-book on electromagnetic theory, which should give a concise summary of its fundamental principles, and should illustrate them by

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fonction de plusieurs variables # fonction hypergeometrique # fonction hyperpherique # hyperfonction # polynome d'Hermite

Of course, we can take either two of those as independent ones, such that the dependent current can be expressed also as either q = p + r or p = q − r

    Vestnik MGU 28, (1987) 8. Cited by V.A.Smirnov in his book "Renormalization and Asymptotic Expansions

    • 1991