Correlations of the Arrival Directions of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays with Extragalactic Objects as Observed by the Telescope Array Experiment

  title={Correlations of the Arrival Directions of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays with Extragalactic Objects as Observed by the Telescope Array Experiment},
  author={Tareq Abu-Zayyad and R. Aida and M. Allen and Ross Anderson and Ryuhei Azuma and E. Barcikowski and J. W. Belz and D. R. Bergman and S. A. Blake and R. L. Cady and Byung Gu Cheon and Jun Chiba and Michiyuki Chikawa and E. J. Cho and W. R. Cho and Hiroyuki Fujii and Toshitaka Fujii and T. Fukuda and Mitsuhiro Fukushima and W. P. Hanlon and Kouichi Hayashi and Yoshitsugu Hayashi and N. Hayashida and Keito Hibino and K. Hiyama and Kazuhito Honda and T. Iguchi and Dai Ikeda and Kazunari Ikuta and Nobutaka Inoue and Takumi Ishii and R. Ishimori and Hiroyuki Ito and D. Ivanov and Shunji Iwamoto and C. C. H. Jui and Kenichi Kadota and Fumio Kakimoto and Oleg E. Kalashev and Toshikazu Kanbe and Katsuaki Kasahara and Hiroyo Kawai and Shintaro Kawakami and Shu-ichi Kawana and Eiji Kido and H. B. Kim and Hyeong Koo Kim and Joon Hyun Kim and Ken Kitamoto and S. Kitamura and Y. Kitamura and Kazumichi Kobayashi and Yoji Kobayashi and Yoshihiko Kondo and Kiyoshi Kuramoto and Valentin Kuzmin and Y. J. Kwon and Jen Lan and S. I. Lim and J. P. Lundquist and S. Machida and Kylee Martens and T. Matsuda and Toru Matsuura and T. Matsuyama and J. N. Matthews and M. Minamino and Katsuhiro Miyata and Y. Murano and I. Myers and Kosuke Nagasawa and Shigehiro Nagataki and Toru M Nakamura and S W Nam and Tetsuya Nonaka and S. Ogio and Mitsuru Ohnishi and Hitoshi Oh-oka and K. Oki and Daiki Oku and Takeshi Okuda and Masaaki Ono and Akitoshi Oshima and Satoru Ozawa and I. H. Park and Maxim Pshirkov and D. C. Rodriguez and Sook Young Roh and Grigory Rubtsov and Dongsu Ryu and Hideo Sagawa and Nobuyuki Sakurai and A. L. Sampson and Louis M Scott and P. D. Shah and Fukashi Shibata and T. Shibata and Hideaki Shimodaira and B. K. Shin and Ji In Shin and T. Shirahama and J. D. Smith and Pierre V. Sokolsky and Robert W Springer and Benjamin Stokes and S. R. Stratton and T. A. Stroman and Shinzou Suzuki and Yasuhiro H. Takahashi and M. Takeda and Akimichi Taketa and Maika Takita and Yuichiro Tameda and Hiroyuki Tanaka and Kisaburou Tanaka and Masa-aki Tanaka and Stan B. Thomas and Gordon Thomson and Peter Tinyakov and I. I. Tkachev and H. Tokuno and Takayuki Tomida and Sergey Troitsky and Yoshiki Tsunesada and Kitomi Tsutsumi and Yuji Tsuyuguchi and Yukio Uchihori and S. Udo and H. Ukai and Federico R. Urban and G. Vasiloff and Y. Wada and T. Wong and Y. Yamakawa and Ryuichiro Yamane and H. Yamaoka and Kuniko Yamazaki and Jinghui Yang and Yu Yoneda and S. Yoshida and Hisashi Yoshii and Xiaolan Zhou and Ronald Zollinger and Zachary Zundel},
  • Tareq Abu-Zayyad, R. Aida, +141 authors Zachary Zundel
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • We search for correlations between the positions of extragalactic objects and the arrival directions of ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) with primary energy E ≥ 40 EeV as observed by the surface detector array of the Telescope Array (TA) experiment during the first 40 months of operation. We examine several public astronomical object catalogs, including the Veron-Cetty and Veron catalog of active galactic nuclei. We count the number of TA events correlated with objects in each catalog as… CONTINUE READING

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