Correlations of cortical Hebbian reverberations: theory versus experiment.

  title={Correlations of cortical Hebbian reverberations: theory versus experiment.},
  author={Daniel J. Amit and Nicolas Brunel and M. V. Tsodyks},
  journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience},
  volume={14 11 Pt 1},
Interpreting recent single-unit recordings of delay activities in delayed match-to-sample experiments in anterior ventral temporal (AVT) cortex of monkeys in terms of reverberation dynamics, we present a model neural network of quasi-realistic elements that reproduces the empirical results in great detail. Information about the contiguity of successive stimuli in the training sequence, representing the fact that training is done on a set of uncorrelated stimuli presented in a fixed temporal… CONTINUE READING