Correlations between eigenvalues of a random matrix

  title={Correlations between eigenvalues of a random matrix},
  author={Freeman J. Dyson},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • F. Dyson
  • Published 1970
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
Exact analytical expressions are found for the joint probability distribution functions ofn eigenvalues belonging to a random Hermitian matrix of orderN, wheren is any integer andN→∞. The distribution functions, like those obtained earlier forn=2, involve only trigonometrical functions of the eigenvalue differences. 
Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices at the Spectrum Edge
Local eigenvalue correlations are exactly evaluated at the edge region for random matrix ensembles related to orthogonal polynomials on a finite real interval. We define a determinant of a quaternion
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A recursive method is derived to calculate all eigenvalue correlation functions of a random hermitian matrix in the large size limit, and after smoothing of the short scale oscillations. The property
A note on correlations between eigenvalues of a random matrix
Dyson's method is adopted here for the so called Gaussian ensembles. Incidently this confirms the long cherished belief that the statistical properties of a small number of eigenvalues is the same
Random matrices: Universality of local eigenvalue statistics
In this paper, we consider the universality of the local eigenvalue statistics of random matrices. Our main result shows that these statistics are determined by the first four moments of the
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The general correlation function for the eigenvalues of p complex Hermitian matrices coupled in a chain is given as a single determinant. For this we use a slight generalization of a theorem of Dyson.
Correlations between zeros of a random polynomial
We obtain exact analytical expressions for correlations between real zeros of the Kac random polynomial. We show that the zeros in the interval (−1, 1) are asymptotically independent of the zeros
Correlation Functions of Random Matrix Ensembles Related to Classical Orthogonal Polynomials. III
This work systematically evaluates the correlation functions of the random matrix ensembles in all the three cases of complex hermitian, real symmetric and self-dual quaternion random matrices.


Statistical Theory of the Energy Levels of Complex Systems. I
New kinds of statistical ensemble are defined, representing a mathematical idealization of the notion of ``all physical systems with equal probability.'' Three such ensembles are studied in detail,
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Theory of deteiminants
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