Correlations between MDCT features and clinicopathological findings of hepatic paragonimiasis.


AIM To illustrate the MDCT features of hepatic paragonimiasis and correlate the results with clinicopathological findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighteen patients (8 male, 10 female; mean age 37years) with hepatic paragonimiasis were included in this study. MDCT features of their hepatic lesions were retrospectively reviewed and correlated with clinicopathological findings. RESULTS All patients were lifelong residents in endemic areas of paragonimiasis, especially Paragonimiasis skrjabini variety. Abdominal pain or discomfort, fever and high eosinophil percentage were the predominant clinical features. In total, 21 lesions were detected on MDCT images, 18 (85.7%) directly contacted the hepatic capsule and 3 (14.3%) were adjacent to the capsule. Segment V (26%), VIII (26%) and VI (18.5%) were the most commonly involved sites. Sixteen lesions (76%) were conglomerated cystic or multilocular and 5 (24%) were solid. On plain MDCT scan, the margin and internal detail of the lesions were not clear except for one cystic variety, while they were clearly demonstrated on enhanced images. Single or multiple cysts with different diameters were commonly detected in the non-solid lesions, and some of them were mutually connected with tortuous tract formation. Among the solid lesions, 2 and 3 showed tubular and homogeneous enhancement, respectively. CONCLUSION Peripherally distributed lesions, mutually connected cysts with tortuous tract formation, and tubular enhancement, which may be closely associated with the infection route and migration of the worm, could be seen as the main MDCT features of hepatic paragonimiasis.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejrad.2011.03.019

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