Correlation structure in nondipole photoionization

  title={Correlation structure in nondipole photoionization},
  author={M. Ya. Amusia and Arkadiy S. Baltenkov and Larissa V. Chernysheva and Zineb Felfli and Steven T. Manson and Alfred Z. Msezane},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The nondipole parameters that characterize the angular distribution of the photoelectrons from the 3d subshell of Cs are found to be altered significantly by the inclusion of correlation in the form of interchannel coupling between the 3d 3 / 2 and 3d 5 / 2 photoionization channels. A prominent characteristic maximum is predicted only in the parameters for 3d 5 / 2 photoionization, while the effect for 3d 3 / 2 is rather weak. The results are obtained within the framework of the generalized… 
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Recent ideas concerning the relationship between music and the brain have been derived from patients with brain damage, developmental disorders, and degenerative diseases, however, there is a missing link with respect to amusia.

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