Correlation of prenatal ultrasound and postnatal outcome in meconium peritonitis.

  title={Correlation of prenatal ultrasound and postnatal outcome in meconium peritonitis.},
  author={Ming-kwang Shyu and Jin-Chung Shih and Chien-Nan Lee and Hsiao-Lin Hwa and S Vincent Chow and Fon-Jou Hsieh},
  journal={Fetal diagnosis and therapy},
  volume={18 4},
OBJECTIVES To study the relationship between prenatal ultrasound features and postnatal course of meconium peritonitis. METHODS Meconium peritonitis was diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound. Fetuses were treated by intrauterine paracentesis of ascites when indicated, and symptomatic newborns received surgery. RESULTS Totally 17 cases were enrolled. Prenatal ultrasound findings include abdominal calcification (16/17), fetal ascites (12/17), hydramnios (9/17), pseudocyst (7/17) and dilated bowel… CONTINUE READING
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