Correlation of ganglioside patterns of primary brain tumors with survival.

  title={Correlation of ganglioside patterns of primary brain tumors with survival.},
  author={Crystal C-C Sung and Dennis K. Pearl and Stephen W. Coons and Bernd Walter Scheithauer and Peter C. Johnson and Ming Zheng and Allen J. Yates},
  volume={75 3},
BACKGROUND Classification/grading schemes for brain tumors are based mainly on histologic examinations, but these have major limitations, which has led to a search for more objective prognostic markers. Gangliosides have several biologic effects relevant to tumors, and ganglioside compositions of primary brain tumors correlate with diagnosis. This led to the authors' hypothesis that ganglioside patterns of brain tumors might be useful as prognostic indicators. METHODS Gangliosides in primary… CONTINUE READING