Correlation of General Aviation Accidents with the Biorhythm Theory

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Biorhythms were calculated for over 4,000 pilots involved in general aviation accidents in 1972. Data were obtained from the files of the National Transportation Safety Board. Exact date and time of accident were used, and 1200 hours (noon) was used as the average time of birth. Data were analyzed for correlation of aircraft-accident occurrence with both biorhythmically critical days and with individual and multiple low or negative phases of cycle. Data were calculated by both a 24- and 48-hour… 
An analysis of biorhythms and their influence on motor vehicle fatalities
Abstract The possible effect of proposed cyclic fluctuations of human sensitivity (28 days), intelligence (33 days), and physical (23 days) characteristics on motor vehicle accidents and fatalities
Probabilistic approach for biorhythmic analysis to prevent aviation accidents
The methodology has been developed using the Gaussian distribution technique for reliability evaluation of the aviation system, keeping in mind the biorhythmic effects of the pilot.
Chapter 7 Biorhythmic Analysis to Prevent Aviation Accidents
The Word "Biorhythm" is derived from the Greek word "Bios" which means life and "Rhythm" which means flowing with a regular move- ment. Biorhythm theory uses mostly scientific methods to chart the
Biorhythmic Analysis to Prevent Aviation Accidents
This chapter proposes an investigation of the reasons for human error as a contributing factor in flying accidents, and presents a new methodology based on a probabilistic approach for biorhythmic analysis in an attempt to prevent aviation accidents.
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This paper reviews 134 studies of biorhythm theory, both published and unpublished, and concludes that biorHythm theory is not valid.
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ABSTRACT We tested the existence of the intellectual cycle of the popular version of biorhythm theory (Gittelson, 1988; Thommen, 1976). The cognitive performance of some subjects (those in the
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This study assessed the validity of biorhythms by analysing best performances in 610 top ranked European female track and field specialists over a single competitive season and found no significant influence of the computed physical, emotional or intellectual cycles on peak performances.
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Several approaches to accident involvement are considered and an attempt is made to concentrate on the major issues with particular emphasis on the conceptual difficulties which each approach faces.
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In our earlier article, Biorhythms: another look (Trinkaus & Booke, 1982), the research findings of Wolcott, McMeekin, Burgin, and Yanowitch (1977) were incorrectly identified as being in support of,
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The National Institute of Mental Health has supported some of this research and has gathered much of the material into this report, which is a smooth, readable, interesting, and easily understandable summary of much diverse research.
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