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Correlation induced $d$-wave pairing in quantum dot square lattice

  title={Correlation induced \$d\$-wave pairing in quantum dot square lattice},
  author={Andrzej Biborski and Michał P Nowak and M. Zegrodnik},
We consider an electrostatically induced square lattice of quantum dots and study the role of electron-electron correlations in the resulting electronic features of the system. We utilize the Wannier functions methodology in order to construct Hamiltonian for interacting fermions and find that the change of the depth of the quantum dot confining potential results in a transition from a moderately-, to strong-correlated regime of the system. We obtain the approximate ground state by means of… Expand


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Annu . Rev . Con - dens . Matter Phys . 11 , 231 ( 2020 ) . 4 F
  • Rep . Prog . Phys .
  • 2008