Correlation between the BANA test and oral malodor parameters.

  title={Correlation between the BANA test and oral malodor parameters.},
  author={Avital Kozlovsky and David Gordon and Ilana Gelernter and Walter J. Loesche and Mel Rosenberg},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={73 5},
The purpose of the present investigation was to test the association between the BANA test (Perioscan, Oral-B), and oral malodor parameters. The subject population consisted of 52 Israeli adults, 43 of whom complained of oral malodor. Oral malodor measurements consisted of peak and steady-state volatile sulphide measurement by a portable sulphide monitor (Interscan Corp., model 1170), as well as organoleptic measurements of malodor from whole mouth, tongue, and saliva. Samples for the BANA test… CONTINUE READING