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Correlating uncertainties in global analyses within SMEFT matters

  title={Correlating uncertainties in global analyses within SMEFT matters},
  author={Stefan Bissmann and Johannes Erdmann and Cornelius Grunwald and Gudrun Hiller and Kevin Kroninger},
  • Stefan Bissmann, Johannes Erdmann, +2 authors Kevin Kroninger
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • We investigate the impact of correlations between (theoretical and experimental) uncertainties on multi-experiment, multi-observable analyses within the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT). To do so, we perform a model-independent analysis of $t$-channel single top-quark production and top-quark decay data from ATLAS, CMS, CDF and D0. We show quantitatively how the fit changes when different experimental or theoretical correlations are assumed. Scaling down statistical uncertainties… CONTINUE READING

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