Correlates of risk of suicide in violent and nonviolent psychiatric patients.

  title={Correlates of risk of suicide in violent and nonviolent psychiatric patients.},
  author={Alan Apter and Moshe Kotler and Serge M Sevy and Robert Plutchik and Stephen L Brown and H. Thomas Foster and Marc Hillbrand and M L Korn and H M van Praag},
  journal={The American journal of psychiatry},
  volume={148 7},
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to identify variables that correlate with the risk of suicide in two patient groups that differ mainly in their level of expressed aggression. METHOD Twenty-eight psychiatric patients with a history of violent behavior who were in a forensic psychiatric facility were tested and compared to 28 psychiatric inpatients without a history of violence who were admitted to a large municipal hospital. Measures used included a battery of self-report questionnaires… CONTINUE READING


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