Correlates of physical activity among African American and white women.

  title={Correlates of physical activity among African American and white women.},
  author={Patricia A. Sharpe and Michelle L. Granner and Brent E. Hutto and Sara Wilcox and Lara E Peck and Cheryl L. Addy},
  journal={American journal of health behavior},
  volume={32 6},
OBJECTIVE To compare potential correlates of physical activity between African American and white women. METHODS A random-digit-dialed telephone survey was conducted in central South Carolina. Bivariate and multivariate analyses focused on women aged 18+ (N = 1176). RESULTS African American women reported greater maintenance of sidewalks and public parks than did white women, who reported higher physical activity, exercise self-efficacy, access to indoor walking facilities, and knowledge of… CONTINUE READING

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