Correlates of Quality of Life of Agricultural Scholarship Recipients

  title={Correlates of Quality of Life of Agricultural Scholarship Recipients},
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Student’s Quality of Life at the University: a Qualitative Study
Since the end of the XX century the university has enlarged its traditional role focused on the production and reproduction of scientific knowledge, thus becoming a social institution, an academicExpand
Uloga slobodnog vremena i društvenih mreža u samoprocjeni kvalitete života učenika višeg sekundarnog obrazovanja
The title of this thesis contains terms whose importance and complexity necessitated their critical interpretation and analysis of their theoretical sources. This has been accompanied by an empiricalExpand
The Relevance of Academic Hospitality: an Investigation of International Students’ Evaluation of Quality of Life in the American Universities
With the dramatic increase of international students to the U.S. in recent years, many American universities have realized the importance of offering hospitality to these students. This studyExpand
The relevance of academic hospitality: an investigation of international higher education students' evaluation of quality of life in the U.S.
The results indicated that housing, transportation, and social activities have significant impact on international students’ quality of life, whereas food and beverage did not. Expand
Quality of College Life (QCL) of Students: Further Validation of a Measure of Well-being
This paper reports a study designed to further validate a measure of quality of college life (QCL) of university students (Sirgy, Grzeskowiak, Rahtz, Soc Indic Res 80(2), 343–360, 2007). Two studiesExpand
Quality of College Life (QCL) of Students: Developing and Validating a Measure of Well-Being
This paper reports a study designed to develop and validate a measure of quality of college life (QCL) of students. Using a theoretical model based on a build-up approach to QCL, the authors provideExpand


This study was designed to describe and explore how nonresponse in the Journal of Agricultural Education has been handled historically. All articles (N=364) published in the Journal of AgriculturalExpand
Quality of life indicators and health: Current status and emerging conceptions
Quality of life is an increasingly common theme in the health status and health promotion literatures. Six approaches that consider quality of life and health are reviewed. These are (a)Expand
Quality of life in an alternative lifestyle: The smallholding movement
While the notion of alternative lifestyle usually evokes the stereotype of groups or individuals who live on the margin of the socially acceptable, the focus of this study, the smallholding movement,Expand
Residential preferences, quality of life, and the population turnaround.
  • D. Dillman
  • Geography, Medicine
  • American journal of agricultural economics
  • 1979
The author discusses the role of residential preferences and the search for a better quality of life as determinants of urban-rural migration in the United States
The quality of American life
Happiness and social participation in aging.
  • M. Graney
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of gerontology
  • 1975
It is found that changes in activities may be more important to happiness among the most elderly persons interviewed than others, and direct relationships between happiness and social activity among elderly people were found. Expand
Correlates of life satisfaction: a re-examination.
Health and social factors related to life satisfaction.
In an analysis of health, activity, social-psychological, and socio-economic variables thought to influence life satisfaction in middle age, it was found that self-rated health was the predominantExpand
Elementary Survey Analysis