Correlates of Increased Sexual Satisfaction

  title={Correlates of Increased Sexual Satisfaction},
  author={Elina Haavio-Mannila and Osmo Kontula},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
Comparisons of nationally representative survey data of the population ages 18–54 years in 1971 (N = 2252) and 1992 (N = 1718) from Finland show that sexual satisfaction has greatly increased particularly among women. Some predictors of sexual satisfaction of men and women are examined on the basis of the 1992 survey data on people ages 18–74 years (N = 2250). Correlations between social background factors, sexual ideas and assertiveness, optional relationships, sexual practices, orgasm, and… 

Sexual Practices and Sexual Satisfaction: A Population Based Study of Chinese Urban Adults

The results from structural equation models suggest a multiplex set of determinants of sexual satisfaction, including relationship characteristics, sexual knowledge and personal values, physical vitality, and environmental impediments among urbanites aged 20–64 in China.

Psychosocial Variables of Sexual Satisfaction in Chile

It was showed that high education level, marital status, and high socioeconomic levels were associated with sexual satisfaction in women but not in men, and the idea that sexuality changes may be more present in middle and high social classes is sustained.

Exploring Determinants of Sexual Satisfaction in a Chilean Representative Sample

This article examines the relationship between sexual satisfaction and gender, age, social status, being in stable relationships, intercourse frequency, and satisfaction with physical attractiveness in Santiago (Chile), finding that among women, the principal predictors are satisfaction with sex appeal and intercourse frequency.

Use of an Ecological Model to Study Sexual Satisfaction in a Heterosexual Spanish Sample

The predictive capacity of an ecological model for the study of sexual satisfaction in a Spanish sample of 723 men and 851 women, with mean age equal to 36.28 (SD = 12.59), was analyzed.

Sexual satisfaction in women and its predictors

Determining the degree of sexual satisfaction plus looking for its predictors are important in helping couples with a problematic sexual relation and sexual medicine counselors may benefit from the present work in dealing with their female clients.

More than sexual function: predictors of sexual satisfaction in a sample of women age 40-70.

Data supported the hypothesis that sexual satisfaction is only partially explained by sexual function, and factors involved in women's lives, such as psychological well-being, relationship adjustment, and, to a lesser extent, menopausal symptoms, affect sexual satisfaction independently from sexual function.

Determinants of sexual satisfaction in a sample of German women.

It is indicated that sexual intercourse is a far more important activity and source of satisfaction in female sexual life than petting or masturbation, and a contribution to a better understanding of the complex nature of female sexual satisfaction.

The Sexual Activity and Sexual Satisfaction of Singles in the Second Demographic Transition

Introduction Previous studies depicted a recent drastic reduction in sexual activity in tandem with the rise of the second demographic transition (SDT). However, very little attention has been paid

A Study of Sexual Satisfaction and Frequency of Sex Among Hong Kong Chinese Couples

Interest in sex was found to be the strongest predictor of both sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex for both husbands and wives and theoretical implications for research on the interplay among culture, marriage, and sex in non-Western societies are discussed.

Sexual Satisfaction in Young Adulthood

It has been suggested in several studies that marriage provides the best framework for a sexual relationship. During the past few decades, however, the majority of young singles have maintained a



The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States

The pinney sexual satisfaction inventory

The purpose of the present investigation was to (a) develop a reliable self‐report questionnaire that assesses women's sexual satisfaction and (b) investigate the correlates of sexual satisfaction in

The role of assertiveness in female sexuality: a comparative study between sexually assertive and sexually nonassertive women.

To examine the role of assertiveness in female sexuality, a nonclinical population of married women (ages 18-31 years) were stratified as above or below the median score (73) on sexual assertiveness,

Religiosity and the sexuality of women: Sexual behavior and sexual satisfaction revisited

Although our societal attitudes about sexuality continue to be dominated by the religious view that sexual desires are to be restrained and sexual pleasures to be avoided, the degree to which

Female sexual response and the timing of partner orgasm.

With the failure to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse being reported by women as a common sexual complaint, sex educators and therapists can use these findings to facilitate an increased awareness of timing factors influencing satisfying sexual relationships.

The sexually experienced woman: Multiple sex partners and sexual satisfaction.

There were no significant differences among those with only one lifetime partner, those with few (2-5) partners, and those with many (6 or more) partners.

Enhancing relationships: understanding the feminine mystique of pretending orgasm.

The findings indicate that those females who have ever pretended orgasm became sexually active at a younger age and have been more sexually explorative than those Females who have not pretended orgasm.

Incidence and prevalence of the sexual dysfunctions: A critical review of the empirical literature

Recent studies suggest an increase in the frequency of orgasmic and erectile dysfunction and a decrease in premature ejaculation as presenting problems in sex clinics, with recent data indicating that males outnumber females.

Sexual Pleasures: Enhancement of Sex Life in Finland, 1971-1992

The data changes in society and in couple relationships the sexual attitudes of the Finns the sexual initiation the sexual habits and partners of the Finns parallel sexual relationships sex life of

Determinants of Female Orgasm

The subject of orgasm in women has always been a topic of great interest to sex researchers. Although orgasmic dysfunction is quite rare in men (under 1%) it is the most common dysfunction in women