Correlates and consequences of early initiation of sexual intercourse.

  title={Correlates and consequences of early initiation of sexual intercourse.},
  author={Ann L Coker and Donna L. Richter and Robert F. Valois and Robert E Mckeown and Carol Z. Garrison and Murray L Vincent},
  journal={The Journal of school health},
  volume={64 9},
This cross-sectional analysis of the 1991 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey explored factors associated with an early age at first sexual intercourse. Almost 18% of White males, 49% of Black males, 5% of White females and 12% of Black females were sexually active before age 13. Carrying a weapon to school, fighting, and early (< age 13) experimentation with cigarettes and alcohol were associated with early initiation of sexual activity for all four race and gender groupings. Those initiating… CONTINUE READING