Correlated Single Quantum Dot Blinking and Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics.

  title={Correlated Single Quantum Dot Blinking and Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics.},
  author={Shengye Jin and Jung-Cheng Hsiang and Haiming Zhu and Nianhui Song and Robert M Dickson and Tianquan Lian},
  journal={Chemical science},
  volume={1 4},
  • Shengye Jin, Jung-Cheng Hsiang, +3 authors Tianquan Lian
  • Published in Chemical science 2010
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The electron transfer (ET) dynamics from core/multi-shell (CdSe/CdS(3ML)ZnCdS(2ML)ZnS(2ML)) quantum dots (QDs) to adsorbed Fluorescein (F27) molecules have been studied by single particle spectroscopy to probe the relationship between single QD interfacial electron transfer and blinking dynamics. Electron transfer from the QD to F27 and the subsequent recombination were directly observed by ensemble-averaged transient absorption spectroscopy. Single QD-F27 complexes show correlated fluctuation… CONTINUE READING

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