Correlated Multiple Antennas Spectrum Sensing Under Calibration Uncertainty

  title={Correlated Multiple Antennas Spectrum Sensing Under Calibration Uncertainty},
  author={Zahra Pourgharehkhan and Abbas Taherpour and Josep Sala-Alvarez and Tamer Khattab},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications},
We address the problem of spectrum sensing in cognitive radios (CRs) when the secondary user (SU) is equipped with a multiantenna receiver. We consider scenarios with correlation between the received channels at different antennas and unequal per-antenna noise variances to accommodate calibration errors. First, we derive the exact as well as the asymptotic performance of the genie-aided (benchmark) detector with perfect knowledge of the antenna correlation coefficients, the primary user (PU… CONTINUE READING
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