Correctly making panoramic imagery and the meaning of optical center

  title={Correctly making panoramic imagery and the meaning of optical center},
  author={R. Barry Johnson},
  booktitle={Optical Engineering + Applications},
  • R. B. Johnson
  • Published in
    Optical Engineering…
    28 August 2008
  • Computer Science, Engineering
The production and viewing of panoramic scenes have fascinated people for over a millennium beginning with the camera obscura. With the advent of photography in the mid-1800s, techniques were developed to create panoramic scenes far larger than could be realized by a single camera. Making a panoramic scene from two or more images taken using a film camera was found to be challenging. Various advanced techniques for making panoramic images were developed during the 20th century and required… 
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Evidence supporting the primacy of Joseph Petzval in the discovery of aberration coefficients and their application to lens design
It is the contention of this paper that sufficient evidence exists, and indeed has existed in part since well before Seidel published his derivation of third-order aberration coefficients, to establish Petzval as the original pioneer ofThird-and-higher- order aberration theory as a tool for lens design.
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