Correction to Owens et al. (2015).

  • Bradley P. Owens, Angela S. Wallace, David A. Waldman
  • Published 2015 in The Journal of applied psychology


In the article “Leader Narcissism and Follower Outcomes: The Counterbalancing Effect of Leader Humility,” by Bradley P. Owens, Angela S. Wallace, and David A. Waldman (Journal of Applied Psychology, Advance online publication. January 26, 2015., the last name of the second author was misspelled in the Online First version… (More)
DOI: 10.1037/a0039149

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@article{Owens2015CorrectionTO, title={Correction to Owens et al. (2015).}, author={Bradley P. Owens and Angela S. Wallace and David A. Waldman}, journal={The Journal of applied psychology}, year={2015}, volume={100 4}, pages={1213} }