Correction to: A Critique of Barbieri’s Code Biology Through Rosen’s Relational Biology: Reconciling Barbieri’s Biosemiotics with Peircean Biosemiotics

  title={Correction to: A Critique of Barbieri’s Code Biology Through Rosen’s Relational Biology: Reconciling Barbieri’s Biosemiotics with Peircean Biosemiotics},
  author={Federico Vega},
  journal={Biological Theory},
In the ‘Barbieri’s Concept of Mechanisms’ section on page 12 of above mentioned article. 
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Code Biology, Peircean Biosemiotics, and Rosen’s Relational Biology

The experimental evidence has revealed a totally different reality: it has shown that any codon can be associated with any amino acid, thus proving that there is no necessary link between them, and the rules of the genetic code obey the laws of physics and chemistry but are not determined by them.



The Paradigm of Peircean Biosemiotics

The failure of modern science to create a common scientific framework for nature and consciousness makes it necessary to look for broader foundations in a new philosophy. Although controversial for

Biological Autonomy: A Philosophical and Theoretical Enquiry

Introduction: Life as autonomy.- I. Constraints and organisational closure.- II. Biological emergence and inter-levels causation.- III. Teleology, normativity, and functionality.- IV. Agency.- V.

The Evolutionary History of Biosemiotics

Having spent the last six years in regular correspondence with the world’s small but steadily growing population of “biosemioticians,” I feel warranted in saying of this diverse group of molecular

A Short History of Biosemiotics

Biosemiotics is the synthesis of biology and semiotics, and its main purpose is to show that semiosis is a fundamental component of life, i.e., that signs and meaning exist in all living systems.

Signs Of Meaning In The Universe

Foreword 1. Signifying On lumps in nothingness, on "not" 2. Forgetting On history and codes: the dialectic of oblivion 3. Repeating On Nature's tendency to acquire habits 4. Inventing On life and

Biosemiotics: a new understanding of life

The time has come to acknowledge this fact of life, even if that means abandoning the present theoretical framework in favor of a more general one where biology and semiotics finally come together and become biosemiotics.

A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics

In this dialogue, we discuss the contrast between inexorable physical laws and the semiotic freedom of life. We agree that material and symbolic structures require complementary descriptions, as do

The concept of mechanism in biology.

  • D. Nicholson
  • Philosophy
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2012

The Semantic Theory of Evolution

The seeds of life, according to Barbieri, were particles combining RNA and protein components, the ribosoids, that later evolved into at least two distinct classes of ribosomes: The 70 S prokaryotic