Correction of tibial deformity in adults.

  title={Correction of tibial deformity in adults.},
  author={Wakyo Sato and Isao Ohnishi and Norihisa Nishimura and Takanobu Nakase and Hiroyuki Tsuchiya and Mitsuru Hirose and Takashi Matsushita and Yasusuke Hirasawa and Kozo Nakamura},
  journal={Journal of orthopaedic science : official journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association},
  volume={8 3},
This report from five hospitals in Japan describes the results of correcting adult tibial deformities using external fixation. There were 49 patients with 59 lower limb deformities, with trauma being the most common cause of the deformity. Varus angulation was the most common deformity, and the most common magnitude was 11 degrees -30 degrees. Twenty-two patients had a leg-length discrepancy. The aim of the correction was to normalize both the mechanical axis and the inclination of the knee and… CONTINUE READING


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