Correction: Mechanical properties of femoral trabecular bone in dogs

  title={Correction: Mechanical properties of femoral trabecular bone in dogs},
  author={Thomas Pressel and Anas Bouguecha and Ute Vogt and Andrea E Meyer-Lindenberg and Bernd-Arno Behrens and Ingo Nolte and Henning Windhagen},
  journal={BioMedical Engineering OnLine},
  pages={17 - 17}
BACKGROUND Studying mechanical properties of canine trabecular bone is important for a better understanding of fracture mechanics or bone disorders and is also needed for numerical simulation of canine femora. No detailed data about elastic moduli and degrees of anisotropy of canine femoral trabecular bone has been published so far, hence the purpose of this study was to measure the elastic modulus of trabecular bone in canine femoral heads by ultrasound testing and to assess whether assuming… CONTINUE READING